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About Us

Your Child Is in Great Hands


We believe when you are working- whether for yourself or someone else- you should give your  your very best.  The reality is that you can't perform optimally without the assurance that your precious bundles are safe and well cared for.  This is especially true for infants and toddlers because they can't verbally express nor advocate for themselves.  We want to help ease your minds and provide that sense of peace.  We're telling you, "I got you.  Go to work.  Focus, let's work together the best we can for the development of your child."  We know it can be overwhelming, so we want to extend our services and serve you.


We believe children live what they learn.  Their environment is an absolute determinant and influence of their behavior and how they’ll learn and develop physically, socially and psychologically.  With this in mind, we have created an environment conducive to positive learning.  By extension, our staff will always model positive behaviors that the kids in our care will proudly emulate.


Our Vision...

 is simply to provide peace of mind to especially new parents or those that are having difficulty trusting others with their babies.  We understand the need for trust and transparency and that's the foundation on which we operate.

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Our Mission...

  • To provide transparency to our parents.

  • To establish and foster a healthy relationship with parents that will aid in the positive development of their child.

  • To use developmentally appropriate practices with each child, ensuring their individual success and working towards realizing their optimal learning potential.

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